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Brownback Campaign Goes After Romney on Abortion/Amnesty

Brownback Political director Martin Gillespie and Brownback blogger Leon Wolf are going after Mitt Romney for his failure to label abortion “murder. reports:


”Martin Gillespie, political director of Sam Brownback's campaign seized on those comments and told that he thought Romney was again changing his position on abortion.

"Mitt Romney's flip-flops on abortion throughout the years make more sense now," he said. "Every different Romney flip-flop on abortion has coincided perfectly with the most politically expedient position of the campaign he was in."

Following is the statement from Romney's campaign:

Romney Campaign Statement Encourages others toward Pro-life Position

Responding to the Brownback campaign’s comments, Kevin Madden, a spokesman for Romney, said, “Governor Romney is firmly pro-life and is he will continue to encourage, promote and defend pro-life policies. Advocacy of these policies and bringing others towards a pro-life position is an important part of the governor’s efforts.”

This is not the first time the Brownback campaign has gone after Romney.


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