Romney on 60 Minutes

Posted: May 14, 2007 8:22 AM

If you missed 60 Minutes, here's the infamous "pre-marital sex" question ...

Regarding the question, K-Lo writes:

Last week, when advance excerpts were circulated via Drudge, I thought Wallace ridiculous for asking Mitt Romney about his record on pre-martial sex. Actually, in context, it wasn't that weird for him to ask — the governor introduced the topic of hormones at BYU. Still odd, but not outrageous.

MyManMitt has more video of Romney on 60 Minutes

    • According to MyManMitt's Justin Hart, key takeaways were:
    • Mitt's criticism of the war is eye-opening
    • The "pre-marital sex" question is awkward but not outrageous in its context
    • Mike seems rather taken with the Romney family
    • Mitt calls his wife "a babe"
    • Mitt aptly explains himself on the charge of flip-flop
    • The Romney's lake house has an awesome island designed for extra grandkid participation (see below)