McCain and the Left Coast

Posted: Feb 22, 2007 12:51 PM

As Hugh mentioned, Sen. McCain was in CA on Wednesday.  Here's more from the LA Times story:

"As for the fight against global warming, an effort that Schwarzenegger made a centerpiece of his reelection campaign, McCain portrayed California as a model for Congress to take action. He voiced support for the kind of mandatory reductions in carbon emissions that California enacted last year."

The Flash Report counters:

"A note to all GOP contenders for the White House -- Arnold Schwarzenegger is a unique phenomenon. Reinvent yourself in his 'image' at your own peril."

... Maybe John McCain should read this.

Okay, enough policy.  Here's a strategy to consider:

Every time McCain starts to gain some traction with conservatives, he goes and does something like this.  It seems to me that if his staff just locked him in the basement for the next few months, he'd win in a landslide.  Maybe a "Weekend at Bernie's" campaign (figuratively speaking, of course) is in order?

On the other hand, this is interesting:

"A majority of Republican voters in South Carolina believe global warming is occurring, but is a problem people can resolve, according to a new survey."

So I guess the question is: Has the conservative paradigm shifted?  I know what conservative pundits think.  But will Primary Election voters buy into Global Warming?  If so, McCain may be ahead of the curve.  If not, this is just one more reason for conservatives to question his commitment to conservative values ...

Update: 1:41 PM - Rob Bluey has a post up about how John McCain is skipping CPAC.

Update: 2:20 PM - Katie Favazza has some good thoughts on the subject, too.