Rob Bluey's First Day

Posted: Jan 31, 2007 2:40 PM

Starting tomorrow, conservative blogger extraordinaire Rob Bluey can be found at the Heritage Foundation. 

Bluey's primary goal will be to build a conservative coalition that is capable of countering the left.  As you may know, the general consensus is that the liberal blogosphere (net-roots) is currently better organized than the conservative blogosphere (the right-roots).  Bluey hopes to change that.

As a co-founder of the weekly conservative blogger meetings which take place in DC every week, Bluey is uniquely prepared to take on this task. 

He will also focus on helping to make sure Heritage's message is reaching the blogosphere and influencing the public policy debate.

Among conservative bloggers, it would be hard to find one who is more well-liked or more influential to his peers.  Congratulations to the Heritage Foundation for landing a true conservative rising star.