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Posted: Jan 24, 2007 11:17 AM

It's never been easier to start your own blog @

And if you think the only folks who get noticed are the Hugh Hewitt's -- and Mary Katharine Ham's of the world -- think again!

In fact, yesterday's Hotline (National Journal's daily insiders' scoop on politics), linked to Townhall grassroots blogger Katie Favazza -- who operates one of our 3,000 Grassroots Blogs.  Here's the quote:

Blogs for Life held a blogger conference 1/22. Townhall's Katie Favazza liveblogged the proceedings. LaShawn Barber writes: "The panel went well. The discussion focused on blogging in general rather than pro-life blogging in particular. Reminded me that I need to do more pro-life blogging."

Congratulations to Katie Favazza for getting mentioned in a national outlet!   But Katie isn't the only Townhall Grassroots Blogger turning out cutting-edge conservative news and information.  In fact, one of our few Townhall community podcasters, Adamelijhah at The Idaho Conservative, posted an audio reaction to the President's speech. You can get the link to listen here

And grassroots blogger Danny Carlton gives a point by point reaction to the speech and asks some clarifying questions about what the President actually meant. I won't quote any one specific thought, as he has some great reactions to multiple issues. Head on over and read the whole thing.  

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