The Lioness of the Senate?

Posted: May 21, 2008 2:34 PM
Jennifer Rubin thinks Hillary may be able to take a page from Ted Kennedy's career book.
Kennedy, despite his family’s White House history, could never make it there himself. His baggage was too great, the timing never right. And even if he had gained the nomination in 1980, it’s not clear he would have been any more successful in stopping Ronald Reagan. He might well have been been relegated to the “loser” list, a group not treated with great reverence by the Democratic Party. Instead, he put away presidential ambitions and became the “lion of the Senate,” leaving a legislative mark greater than many presidents.
Michelle Malkin says it's time for her to go.

I'm not so sure. Keep in mind there are only a few days left until the last primary, Hillary's holding out for the May 31st decision on Florida and Michigan, and she's still got the really ticked-off feminist vote. This is from a leaked e-mail from a Hillary supporter to a San Francisco columnist:
"I will not vote for Barack Obama. I will not stay home. I will go to the polls and proudly write on my ballot, HILLARY CLINTON. I want the DNC to count my vote as a protest vote. I want them to know I am tired of being a second-class citizen in my own country. This isn't about Barack Obama or John McCain. This isn't about Iraq or Iran. This is about a war, a war for our voice, our dignity, and our selves...I hope you will join me."
I don't think this thing is going to end in a nomination for her or a VP slot, but I do think she's free to continue if she wishes. If people want to get mad about the conflated process being dragged on so long, they should make their complaints to the Democratic National Committee's rule-makers.