N.C. Dem Shows N.C. GOP What a Real Race-Baiting Ad Looks Like

Posted: Apr 30, 2008 4:40 PM
This doozy comes from Richard Moore, one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates at which that very non-racial anti-Obama ad was aimed. Moore condemned that ad along with McCain.

Moore's new radio ad takes place in a barber shop, and comes complete with exaggerated dialects. Moore attacks his Dem opponent Perdue for being part owner of a store that sells Confederate paraphernalia and voting against a hate crimes bill.

The text is below, but click over to hear how our self-righteous, post-racial friends on the left side of the aisle deal with race issues. I wonder if Obama will call on Moore to stop running it. Ha. Enjoy playing the, "Imagine if a Republican ran this ad" game:

"Have you heard about that old Confederate junk she's selling in them stores she owns?" one man asks.

"What junk?"

"Perdue's stores sells those hats with Rebel flags and that Confederate junk."

"Perdue sells Confederate stuff?"

"Yeah caps and beer holders that say 'Old times will not be forgotten.'"...

"And Perdue wants to be our governor?"

"Well maybe in 1958, but not in 2008."