'We Can Win This War'

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 2:36 PM

Michael Yon's book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq," is now for sale on Amazon.

The war correspondent for the Internet age, Yon has been embedded with American troops who trust him through years of combat in Iraq, from bombing to rebuilding and rancor to awakening.

His book is reviewed in the New York Post today, and reveals a peek at the kind of stories Yon (and other embeds like him) tells that the MSM doesn't:
He shares a rarely reported aspect of the American effort in Iraq - rebuilding: "The American soldier is the most dangerous man in the world," he says, "and the Iraqis had to learn that before they would trust or respect us. But it was when they understood that these great-hearted warriors, who so enjoyed killing the enemy, are even happier building a school or making a neighborhood safe that we really got their attention."
And another:
While in Baghdad he captured another iconic photo - Muslims and Christians rebuilding St John's church in the Dora district. "The most wonderful thing to see was how hard the Muslim neighbors worked to get the church reopened. Local Muslims invited me to see the reopening; they wanted Americans to know they protect Christians in their neighborhood," Yon explains.
Buy his book and donate to embeds like him who are willing to go to Iraq to tell its stories, if you feel they need to be told: Michael Totten and The Long War Journal are a couple of great options.