Don't Stop 'Til You Link Enough

Posted: Apr 04, 2008 9:08 AM

Ed Rendell does his best to deliver Pennsylvania, this time without alleging half his beloved state is racist.

Obama: He's soooo fabulous, but what's his philosophy?

"It's not an opinion."

The best of the Pig Book. Suuuwweeee!

Yeah, and if I had been asked to prom junior year, I would totally have said "no."

An anti-war movie that might actually work.

Couldn't the Arab world just use one of those cussing jars you put quarters in

McCain: Suck. It. Up. Economists see mixed signals in his plan.

RIP, SFC Paul Ray Smith
, Medal of Honor recipient.

Another "whore" war on the radio
. Weren't all good liberals utterly appalled at Don Imus for using a variation on the word just a few months ago? How quickly times change.

Senate Earmark Working Group ain't working hard enough