Reasons I'm Still Rooting for Hillary

Posted: Mar 04, 2008 9:22 PM

Caught by surprise

Guerilla conference-call crashing? This race could not get any better.

Barack Obama's top lawyer, Bob Bauer, made an unexpected appearance on the Clinton campaign's conference call this evening, calling in on a line intended for reporters to challenge Clinton aides' claims of irregularities in several Texas precincts.

Bauer used his guerrilla appearance to call on on Clinton's aides to "stop attacking the caucus process."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson eagerly engaged Bauer on what quickly became one of the campaign's most sharpest exchanges, and possibly the most entertaining conference call in campaign history.
Prank calls? They're gonna be freezing each other's underpants and holding Truth-or-Dare debates by the time we get to the convention.