Political Wisdom in Unexpected Places

Posted: Mar 03, 2008 4:40 PM

All right, fine, I read celebrity blogs. Let's get that out of the way. I am no different from the Cheeto-eating masses that clog their keyboards with snack-food dust while they comment voraciously on Britney's Cheeto-tinged antics.

Well, that's not quite true, but I do read them every now and then. I should have given it up for Lent, but they sometimes yield cool stories, like Angelina giving the neocon political movement that plump-lipped glamour it's been conspicuously missing.

This week, I found a couple of telling tidbits on celebrity blogs. Telling, mostly because if a political meme has filtered to celebrity news coverage, it's likely cemented in the minds of many an American. Thus, I present the celebrity blog take on Obama and his musical celebrity support videos:
I'm really glad I saw this video. I was struggling to find the right candidate for me, but thanks to the encouragement of a bunch of overpaid high-school dropouts and talking mannequins, I've learned that if you chant Obama's name over and over, something magical will happen! He's just like Candyman, only lighter!
Ha, my thoughts exactly! There's at least some aversion to the overblown change-worship of the Great Leader Obama out there, even among young people.

And, Hillary's uphill battle, from a great blog about celebrity hypocrisy, Deceiver.com:
How much money has Hillary spent on her campaign? Can’t she hire somebody who’ll do more than take whatever Obama’s saying and snottily reverse it? Have they tried “No He Can’t” yet? That’d wow ‘em. How about, “You can’t spell ‘Mama’s boy’ without ‘Obama’”? Nah, that one would probably get her in more trouble than she’s in already.

She could be right and he’s a big hypocrite, but I’m not sure I could stay awake long enough to look into it. He’s prettier and newer than she is, and doesn’t have a voice that makes you want to poke out your own eardrums with knitting needles, and it looks like that’s enough. Plus he’s better at the “How Dare You” game than she is. Oh, and also, she’s Hillary Clinton.

She's got a messaging problem (Have they tried “No He Can’t” yet?), a magpie problem (He’s prettier and newer than she is), and a Lady Macbeth problem (Oh, and also, she’s Hillary Clinton.)

The combination has brought us here.