On Like Donkey Kong

Posted: Feb 06, 2008 8:10 PM
I'm on O'Reilly tonight, talking about the blogs' reaction to McCain's big night, among other things. I'm noting some of the back-and-forth about what McCain can do for conservatives and wondering if Bill will assume that all the "McCain hate" on the Internet is unwarranted and nasty by virtue of being on the Internet.

I'll try to defend us, as I think most criticisms are perfectly warranted, though admonitions to keep it clean are smart, considering he'll likely be the nominee. Also, I saw a bunch of high-level blogs debunk and bat down stupid rumors about McCain's war service last week, so well done on that front. Internet: not evil! This whole process is gonna be a fight on the right, but I think most folks are moving toward some sort of resignation to a McCain candidacy provided he offers something to conservatives at CPAC or by way of a conservative veep.

Now, we'll see if McCain is smart enough to actually offer any concessions. Ace is betting not, but I hope this is the one time McCain doesn't feel the irresistible urge to poke conservatives in the eye. He will not win a general if he doesn't do something to reach out. From where I'm sitting, though, I'm plenty mad about plenty of things, but he's better than a Dem (especially on the war) and if he gives me a Mark Sanford veep, we'd be gettin' somewhere.

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