Who Won?

Posted: Jan 24, 2008 11:47 PM
I'm rather bored. No one went after anyone. What's up with that?

Romney did fine, as he often does.

Rudy didn't do what he needed to do to distinguish himself.

McCain did fine. He probably didn't lose a lot of ground.

Obama wasn't mentioned tonight, but they mentioned Hillary because Hillary gets people out to vote; not necessarily because she's the fund raiser front-runner.

Tucker Carlson says Huckabee wins?

He's charming, but I'm not sure he wins.

David Gregory says the "Bush economic record" hurts the Presidential candidates. Why is that? Since, these last couple weeks is the first time in 6 years that we've needed a "stimulus package" and we're not even close to a recession. We've had 4 percent growth per quarter and 4 percent unemployment. The economy has been so good, that we shift to 2 percent growth, which is a good percentage point lower higher than anything Europe sees, ever, and we're in a "recession!" How, David Gregory, could the economy have been so bad if we're only just noticing a drop-off now? The economy's bad no matter what for people like Gregory, as long as Bush is in office.

Update: I was having troubled getting this to post last night, so I left it alone and didn't think it went up. I left some sloppy errors in it last night, which I've fixed now, marked with strike-throughs. Sorry for the confusion.