Surprise: Huckabee Wants to Go All Big-Government to Stop Push-Polling, 527s

Posted: Jan 17, 2008 5:10 PM
In defending himself while all this pro-Huckabee push-polling is being conducted by Huck enthusiasts in South Carolina, Huckabee tells NPR:
I personally wish that all of this was outlawed. I think that every candidates should speak for themselves, and that every thing that involves the candidate's name or another candidate's name should be authorized and approved by that candidate, otherwise it shouldn't be spoken....

The point is that candidates can't force these special interest 527 groups to stop. I wish we could.

Outlawed? Really? So, if I wanted to run an anti-Huck ad, I'd have to run it by him, first? To be fair, this is something like the approach John McCain and the Bush administration have endorsed when it comes to dealing with outside political groups and their free speech. Which is, you know, part of the reason conservatives have been thinking neither one of those guys is terribly conservative.

This is the kind of heavy-handed, Nanny State slip of the tongue we should expect from Hillary Clinton, not a Republican nominee. Elsewhere, Obama lauds Reagan??? The world's turned upside down!

Update: Here's the whole interview, for context.