The Race-Bait Dem Debate

Posted: Jan 15, 2008 9:37 PM
I just switched over to the Democratic debate and it's looking like a snoozer at the moment, but it seems the audience was rather enthusiastic earlier in the night:

But clearly audible: "These are race-bait[ing]* questions," shouts a male voice in the audience at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas.
Update: Oooh, the candidates are getting to ask each other questions. This could get interesting, but they'll probably all wimp out and ask boring stuff.

Yep, boring so far.

Some thoughts:

It turns out the voice Hillary found in New Hampshire is just as grating as the last one. Tough luck.

John Edwards is back-pedaling on every vote he ever made: "Sure, I was wrong on pretty much every vote I ever took, but now that I've gained the wisdom of six straight years of unemployment, you can trust me to do exactly the right thing in the future. No, really."

Update: Oh, now they're doing the questions of each other.

Edwards is pointing out that they all want to do something about health care, but Hill and Obama take money from drug company folks. "What do those people expect for that? Do you think they expect for that money?"

Obama says his drug company money comes in small donations from individuals who are inspired by his campaign.

Now, they're having a fight about who's the most anti-war. To her credit, Hillary's emphasizing that we need some troops in Iraq to protect interests there.

Update: First Read's read on Hillary's Iraq question.