Health Care Conversation and the Uninteresting Moments that Came Before

Posted: Jan 05, 2008 8:00 PM
The health care conversation is interesting. We're getting into some interesting policy answers, very specific. Will people listen? Do they really want policy talk instead of soundbites, like we always hear?

There was a slight bad moment for Mitt, who's never quick enough with a comeback.
Mitt: "I like mandates:

Fred: "I didn't know you were gonna admit that."

Mitt: "Lemme tell you what kind of mandates you like."

Fred: "The kind you come up with?"

Mitt recovered with his ending answer, saying he wouldn't mandate from the federal level, but he came off a bit more statist than he probably wanted to. Rudy should be jumping in a little more. This issue is really his strong suit. Huckabee's answer is eloquent and a good explanation of a complex issue. That's why people listen to him.

Aside from the health care conversation, I'm not sure how helpful to Republican voters this rest of the debate has been. The debate of Ron Paul vs. Everyone Else on pre-emption is something that's largely settled within the Republican Party and the conservative electorate and a lengthy discussion feels like rehashing. There were some good back-and-forth moments, but Charlie should have swtiched subjects sooner. But who knows? Maybe it'll get the Paul supporters out to the polls to deflate Huckamania...

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