Obama Speaks

Posted: Jan 03, 2008 11:07 PM
He sounds awfully preacher-esque. More than normal, drawing out his youuuus and theeeeys.

He's a bit grimmer than I'd thought he would be, too. I guess he's going for tough passion, but I think a nice smile is warranted. After all, likability is his strong suit.

Obama gives a shout-out to the "love of his life...give it up for Michelle Obama." Genuine, warm, stylish, and sweet. That moment is all the reasons the Obamas beat the Clintons tonight wrapped up in one sentence.

Allah's wondering if we should be gathering clods
of dirt to gleefully cover Hillary's political grave. Not so fast, but it is a special moment of schadenfreude, especially since Obama grabbed the women vote from her, 35-10 percent, despite her incessant identity politics playing.

Third place is a very bad-looking finish for her, but she's got plenty of money and clout to continue to regale us with her delicate nightingale voice and special warmth. She'll continue, but she could be slowly bleeding for a while and Obama's natural charisma may very well continue to overcome her charisma-by-proxy from Bill.

He won Iowa, which has virtually no black vote. Many black voters were lining up behind Hillary as the inevitable, electable candidate, but I have feeling many of them will be realigning and getting into the excitement of the Obama campaign now that he's proved himself. She could very well lose in South Carolina, too.