Fred: 'The NEA is the Problem'

Posted: Dec 12, 2007 2:52 PM
FABULOUS and fabulously true answer on education that no Dem could ever, ever give. Got everyone's attention, and the people-meter was waaaaay up top.

Update: Geraghty:
Where the hell has this Fred been for the past few weeks? This guy looks like he could eat most of the rest of the field for lunch.
This is why I'm doubly disappointed by his light campaigning schedule, which I pointed out yesterday. He has so much potential. If he got his butt on the ground in Iowa, hard-core, he could make a difference. We'll see what happens post-Dec. 17.

Update: Ugh, seriously with the Alan Keyes? What did the Register think he would add to the debate besides a more ridiculous foil to Ron Paul? Video of Keyes' hijacking, here.

ACK, Alan Keyes plugs his website!