New Media Mania! McCain Meets Up With MySpace and MTV

Posted: Dec 03, 2007 4:30 PM
I'm in New Hampshire to cover John McCain's Presidential Dialogue, hosted by MySpace and MTV. (Full disclosure: MySpace foot the bill for myself and a couple other conservative and liberal bloggers to come up here for the event.)

Here's the basic explanation of this venture:

Each an hour in length and held on college campuses nationwide, the Presidential Dialogue series provides a national audience with the opportunity to engage with frontrunner presidential candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties by posing questions online, in real-time, via MySpaceIM, or A number of questions submitted online are then asked of the participating candidate throughout the duration of the event.
Pretty experimental, pretty new-fangled, but I like that kind of thing. I'm not a fan of MTV's past forays into the political process, including the "Vote or Die" bit and the fraudulent reports of a military draft to motivate for young voters. We'll see if this project is any better. I'll be back with more in a bit.