Thwack! Mitt vs. Rudy (Updated with McCain and Fred on Immigration)

Posted: Nov 28, 2007 8:14 PM
Mitt attacks on sanctuary cities, and Rudy hits back...

"A sanctuary mansion, not just a sanctuary city," says Rudy.

Mitt makes a good point that homeowners should not be required to check papers of workers hired for their and connects it to regular Americans by suggesting that that's what Rudy wants them to do.

Rudy: "If you're gonna take this holier than thou attitude...It just happens that you have a special immigration problem that no one else here has."

Oooh, Rudy gets the crowd booing by not allowing the debate to move on. Ouch.

Fred's coming off better than Romney or Rudy because he's not involved in the flame war.

Fred: "I think we've all had people we've hired...that in retrospect was a bad decision," he says referring to Bernie Kerik. The press room: "ooooohhhh." He gets his licks in and moves on.

McCain: "We tried and we failed in the Senate....We must enforce the borders first, but there are two other aspects that have to be addressed...sit down and understand that these are God's children and they need some care and compassion from us." (Wait, don't they get schooling and prosperity and all sorts of things just by virtue of being here?)


Tancredo: "Everyone's trying to out-Tancredo Tancredo. It's wonderful!"

Duncan: I would build that double-strength fence completely in 6 months if I were president. (Lots of applause)