Behind the Scenes at the Clinton Library: Working Hard For You

Posted: Nov 19, 2007 10:50 AM

Hillary at the Oct. 30 Presidential Debate:
Clinton: Well, actually, Tim, the Archives is moving as rapidly as the Archives moves. There's about 20 million pieces of paper there. And they are move, and they are releasing as they do their process. And I am fully in favor of that. Now, all of the records, as far as I know, about what we did with health care, those are already available. Others are becoming available. And I think that, you know, the Archives will continue to move as rapidly as its circumstances and processes demand.
So, let's peek in on the hard work going on at the Clinton Library to get the public access to those papers ASAP:
Over the past two weeks, workers have been hoisting 90 species of plants and more than four truckloads of soil atop the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum to create a garden on an area surrounding Clinton's penthouse apartment.

Instead of bare concrete, the glass and steel building will be topped with strawberries, ferns, switch grass, roses and other greenery.
Well, thank goodness. On voters' list of major concerns, I hear "transparency" ranks just below "assurances that the former President Clinton will be able to enjoy fresh strawberry shortcake and related confections on his meticulously gardened penthouse terrace."
"This is just an area he can come and relax in and just enjoy the view," Clinton Foundation Facilities and Operations Director Debbie Shock said in a recent interview on the roof.

However, it's not just for looks. That layer of soil and plants will provide insulation and capture rainwater that otherwise would just be wasted as runoff.
Looks like the greenery will be the only thing getting any sunlight at the Clinton Library anytime soon.