On Like Donkey Kong

Posted: Oct 10, 2007 6:59 PM
I'm on O'Reilly night talking about the Internets, particularly Hillary's pretty good Meathead video.

The Republican candidates need to get on the ball with this kind of thing. If Hillary can do funny, anyone can do funny. This stuff isn't laugh-out-loud, but it's a little envelope-pushing and fun. The only thing I think I've seen on the right that comes close was Fred Thompson's response to Michael Moore (pre-candidacy).

I think at least Fred and Rudy are capable of turning some of this lighter stuff out and doing a good job with it, and some of the lower-tier candidates don't have much to lose by giving it a try. We've got plenty of smart, gifted ad guys on our side who I'd imagine are capable of thinking in slightly new terms. It's a great opportunity to humanize campaigns, make the candidates into real people, and get a lot of buzz doing it. Like it or not, silly Internet video moves messages.

It's the bright side of YouTube. A viral Macaca moment is always a danger, but Internet video also gives candidates a chance to have some fun with viral videos for which they call the shots.