On Like Donkey Kong

Posted: Sep 26, 2007 4:41 PM
I'm on O'Reilly tonight to talk about the Internets, as usual.

Update: Oh, and here's what I think about the O'Reilly flap of this week. No, I don't think O'Reilly's racist. Let's put it this way. The fact that going to a soul food restaurant in Harlem with Al Sharpton doesn't get you enough non-racist cred to then talk about the experience in an approving way on the radio without getting attacked for phrasing your praise incorrectly means there's something wrong, here. And, it ain't with O'Reilly.

The media is always, always, always on the hunt for anything it can turn into a "racist" comment from a conservative, especially when that right-leaning guy is walking all over all of them in the ratings. This kind of witch-hunting makes it nearly impossible for conservatives to feel comfortable talking about race relations at all, and it's designed to do just that. This, of course, is extremely unhelpful to American race relations in general. It does not behoove any of us-- white, black, or any other color-- when Jess and Al are the sole arbiters of race conflicts in this country.

I sometimes disagree with O'Reilly, but if you click over and read the entire discussion he had on the radio with Juan Williams, you'll find it's an interesting and broad one about race relations that, in fact, bemoans the exact stereotypes O'Reilly is accused of harboring. It's really worth looking at the whole discussion and not cherry-picking quotes to fit your own stereotype of O'Reilly, which is exactly what Media Matters and its MSM followers did in an attempt to creat Imus: The Sequel.