N.H. Politics: The Machine-Gun Fundraiser

Posted: Aug 01, 2007 12:25 PM
Nothing soft about the money raised here:

Tired of the usual chicken dinners, the Manchester Republican Committee is planning to arm supporters next month with Uzis, M-16 rifles and other automatic weapons for a day of target practice at a Pelham firing range.

"The thought just struck me one day: a machine gun shoot. What the heck?" said Jerry Thibodeau, the committee chairman.

Thibodeau, who is himself a hunter and skeet shooter, pitched the Aug. 5 event as a fun social gathering, as well as a demonstration of the party's support for Second Amendment rights.

And, as the embrace of Second Amendment rights often does, this event has just sickened Democrats:
The concept prompted shudders across the political aisle. Chris Pappas, the city Democratic party chairman, called the event "not just in poor taste; it is downright offensive."
The Republican presidential candidates were invited, but none will be making an appearance at the ostentatious show of firepower. And, before anyone gets their undergarments in a twist, the range will of course have 20 experts on hand to load guns and monitor shooters.

H/t Green Mountain Politics.