I Finally Watched the 'View' Clip: Rosie vs. Elisabeth

Posted: May 24, 2007 10:45 AM

I put off watching it for a day, just because I find Rosie tiresome, but I just watched it, and I have to say congrats to Elisabeth for coming out on the better end of that fight.

According to my scorecard, she got mad points for her mention of Rosie's pathetic fight with Donald Trump. I awarded her several more points for turning the "do you understand me, little child-like Elisabeth?" line of argument back on Rosie by telling her to defend her own dark insinuations instead of relying on Elisabeth to defend them for her, you know, "as a friend."

And, where exactly does Rosie get off calling Elisabeth a coward? Elisabeth goes to work every day to defend her views on an ostensibly non-political show, usually against three co-hosts and the idiotic studio audience. There is no liberal on TV that faces similar odds day in and day out. Alan Colmes comes closest, but he's trained as a pundit, and he's facing much less asinine and abusive arguments from guests and co-host. Rosie can't manage to keep her composure with three allies and an unusually pleasant adversary in Elisabeth. She would implode if put in Elisabeth's shoes.

Rosie's a big, spoiled bully, and her "can you understand me, Elisabeth?" comments made it inappropriate for her to pull the "friend" card long ago. 

The 9/11 Truthers are making their appearance on the show today, apparently without any rebuttal beyond Elisabeth-- a fact which might make Victor Davis Hanson rethink the theme of his column today.

That brings us to the United States' greatest strength: radicalself-critique. We Americans are worrywarts, always believing we're onthe verge of extinction. And so, to "renew," "reinvent" or "save"America, we whip ourselves up about "wars" on poverty, drugs andcancer; space "races;" missile "gaps;" literacy "crusades;" and"campaigns" against litter, waste and smoking.

In other words, we nail-biters have always been paranoid that we must changeand improve in order to survive. And thus we usually do - just in time.

We shall see. 

Update: More "View"-related reason to reckon on our society's extinction, here

Update: Wait, did President Bush pre-empt the Truthers on purpose?