Joe Biden's UnKempt Shrubbery, and Other Political Stories

Posted: May 14, 2007 12:02 PM

First step: muzzle Al Gore.

Democratic majority set to "save auto industry from itself," presumably by alleviating any remaining pressure or ability to earn a profit.

America will accept a Mormon, Romney says. After all, Massachusetts already accepted a Republican. Stranger things have happened!

House Democrats: From micromanaging the war to microfunding it

Joe Biden fails to maintain his shrubbery.

Anyone up for a tea party?

Newsflash: Clinton says bad things about Bush.

Edwards encourages graduates to become liberal protesters, not gainfully employed members of the workforce. Seventh-year seniors dub it "best graduation speech evuh."

Will the most likeable Clinton bother campaigning for the barely tolerable one?

Obama courts insurance industry votes: "We shouldn't be rewarding the insurance industryfor deceiving and defrauding our seniors, we should be doing everythingwe can to stop them."