On Like Donkey Kong

Posted: May 03, 2007 3:39 PM

I'm on John Gibson's "The Big Story" at 5:30 to talk about Rosie being on Time's list of influentials, and Bush being left off it.

P.S. Also, for those who have asked or wondered, "on like Donkey Kong" is a mid-80's slang phrase that just means, "it's on," like "something's 'bout to happen." I actually think it originated with a really dirty Ice Cube rhyme, if I'm not mistaken (gasp! The hypocrisy! Go ahead, liberal commenters, have at it.), but became a popular phrase in its own right after that.

Update: Ahh, well. Bumped for the Queen of England. I guess I can live with that. We'll try again another time.