Holocaust Lessons Dropped To Avoid Offending Muslim Students

Posted: Apr 03, 2007 9:07 AM
You know, because some of their belief systems include Holocaust denial, and we should be sensitive to that.

Also, the Crusades are a problem:

The researchers gave the example of a secondary school in an unnamed northern city, which dropped the Holocaust as a subject for GCSE coursework.

The report said teachers feared confronting 'anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial among some Muslim pupils'.

It added: "In another department, the Holocaust was taught despite anti-Semitic sentiment among some pupils.

"But the same department deliberately avoided teaching the Crusades at Key Stage 3 (11- to 14-year-olds) because their balanced treatment of the topic would have challenged what was taught in some local mosques."

A third school found itself 'strongly challenged by some Christian parents for their treatment of the Arab-Israeli conflict-and the history of the state of Israel that did not accord with the teachings of their denomination'.

And, in case anyone's wondering what wacky right-wing organization did the study, not so fast. It was the British government's Department for Education and Skills, which unless I miss my guess, is probably one of the more liberal-dominated departments in the government.