The Greatest Mystery of our Time Lives On

Posted: Mar 23, 2007 9:46 AM
Patrick Ruffini suggested yesterday that, perhaps, Phil De Vellis was not the culprit in the Mystery of the Gianormousest Earth-Shattering Individual Citizen Influence Moment of '07. Or, that Apple anti-Hillary ad, as you may know it.

Did Phil de Vellis just cop to a "crime" he didn't commit, or had only a minor part in committing, to advance his career (it's working) or cover for the real perps?
Now, Bryan Preston's going all Mythbusters on De Vellis, testing the theorem that he created the ad in a couple hours in his apartment over a weekend.

No mouse will go unturned, no Mac store unstalked, no Internet politics forum unscoured until we find you. Whatever may occur, we will find you.