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Red Eye Reviews: A Late Take on a Late Show

I really enjoyed the first episode of "Red Eye," which is all I've gotten to see so far, but I'm DVRing it.

Media Bistro did a poll on the best one-liner.


Jim Treacher at Daily Gut has reaction from NewsHounds, the blog dedicated to watching and bashing Fox. They are, shall we say, underwhelmed.

I thought the show was fast-paced, clever, a little naughty. Nice balance. Good rapport between the hosts, which will get better as they go. And, I got to see Andrew Breitbart. Finally! How long has my heart been crying out for that, right? The face behind the news feeds. Gutfeld's man-on-the-street was pretty good, and the half-time report from Andrew Levy was genius. Loved it.

Allah has video of that. Watch it.

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