Past the Politics: On the Ground in Iraq

Posted: Feb 06, 2007 6:42 PM

Debate or no debate, cloture or no-- in Iraq, Operation Baghdad has started.

Say a prayer, folks, for American and Iraqi alike.

If you're fed up with the filibustering, and media farces, and resolutions of varying degrees of cowardice, go read some embed bloggers tonight, and toss a few coins in their mugs. They need it, and we need them. They've all got Paypal buttons. It's easy.

Bill Ardolino went along on a nighttime raid with the Iraqi Army in Fallujah. Great story, great pictures, and a view of what's really going down in these places where we must win.

Michael Yon was on the Glenn & Helen show this week (via satellite phone, from Iraq), where he reported, among other things, "tremendous progress" by Iraqi forces. 

Chris Muir's embedding, so I look forward to hearing from him.

And, Bill Roggio's reporting on Iran involvement in the Karbala attack.

Update: Michelle Malkin has the trailer for "Outside the Wire," produced by a Marine about life on the ground in the mission.

Update: Allah's tracking Arab TV.