Can You Put 'Mudslinger' on a Business Card?

Posted: Feb 01, 2007 1:18 PM

Meet the DNC's oppo-research guy for '08. His work is already underway:

Gehrke will head an expanded DNC research department with the grand title of “Democratic Victory 2008.” Primarily, his team will dig deeply into the backgrounds of Republicans running for office. In this era of YouTube politics and oppo research blogs, you’ll see a lot more of their research be released on-the-record, and a lot earlier than usual. Victory 2008 will coordinate with other levers of the party. When the Democrats nominate their '08 presidential candidate, Gehrke and his team will have reams of research to hand over to the campaign.

We're gettin' ready to rumble, real early. All of this will be on liberal blogs, early, and as some have noted, Republicans aren't necessarily prepared to address it.