SOTU: Visual Interpretation

Posted: Jan 23, 2007 6:28 PM

Yep, this about says it all:

Bless his heart. I have my problems with the President, but I of course hope he speaks well tonight, particularly about the War on Terror and the war in Iraq. The war must be won, but the American people need to hear why and hear it good. It feels like it's all been said before and here we sit, with poll numbers about the troop surge very low indeed, but maybe that's just because I pay attention every day. I do hope there's something to be said that can reach people who haven't been reached. It would sure make winning the war a lot easier. Losing, leaving, getting out now, has always been the easy way out (although any temporary relief as a result of running would certainly come back to bite us along with whatever dictator/terrorist jumps into the power vacuum), and I pray that we, as a people, don't let down the strong who have fought in Iraq on our behalf by being weak back home.  

Here's what Lorie Byrd wants to hear tonight. What do you want to hear? I'll be liveblogging. See you in a bit.