One Link From You and I Would Fall From Grace, and That Would Wipe This Smile Right From My Face

Posted: Jan 04, 2007 11:01 PM

It's feeling like one of those nights where I link all the things I didn't get around to all day, so here we go!

Nancy's welcome vs. Newt's: "Is someone, anyone, going to have to muzzle the new Speaker a bit?," quoth Couric.

Khamenei becomes the second old, totalitarian dude to maybe/maybe not bite it in the last month.

White people get hate-crimed, too!

A woman was elected Speaker of the House today. At last, I'm vindicated, and can live my life as I please, free from the soft restraint of the apron strings and out from under the pruney thumb of dishpan hands. Or, this. In seriousness, Pelosi is to be congratulated. She has risen far. Doesn't mean I have to like what she stands for.

Top 10 Policy Ideas From the People Who Really Run the Democratic Party.

Cartoons are funny: Ford vs. Carter

And, the suing begins in Durham. A fomer lacrosse player is going after Duke and a feminist professor, who he says failed him and another lax player in retaliation for the alleged rape.

Ay carumba.