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Sheehanites Shout Down Dems at Presser Not Being Sufficiently Sheehan-y

If this is what a triumphant new Democratic majority press conference looks like, I can't wait to see this big four-day party Pelosi thinks she's gonna throw for herself.


Iraq war protesters broke up a press conference by House Democrats on Wednesday with chants to bring American troops home from Iraq.

Chanting "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now," the protesters disrupted a briefing aimed at outlining priority goals when Democrats take over the House and Senate on Thursday...

"We didn't put you in power to work with the people that have been murdering hundreds of thousands of people since they have been in power," Sheehan said. "We put you in power to be opposition to them finally and we're the ones who put them in power."

It was a presser about lobbying reform. Presumably, Sheehan would like a little more "truth to power" in the discussion of accountability and transparency in earmarks. So, she brought it, baby. And, Democratic leadership was forced to, err, redeploy in the face of her vicious, barely-rhyming chants:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., cut the press conference short when protests drowned out his voice through a dozen microphones set up to record his comments. Emanuel said Democrats would go back to the caucus room and return later.
Check out the spine on those guys, huh? Emanuel later stated that to stand and fight the Sheehanites for rhetorical ground would merely have served as a valuable recruiting tool for Daily Kos. Heh, looks like the Blue Dogs-- elected because Emanuel was smart enough to recruit them against the wishes of the Sheehanites in the first place-- are gonna have a ton of fun in the new Congress.

We have tiffs aplenty in the Republican Party and conservative movement, but sheesh, the Democrat Gatorade bath is turning into cold shower quicker than I thought it would. And, so deliciously publicy.

Praise Allah, for he will surely have video.

Update: Video of the exciting Dem infighting, here.


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