Must-Watch of the Day

Posted: Dec 14, 2006 1:58 PM

She was an American Girl: Maj. Megan McClung, RIP.

She was a Marine known to the blogosphere, and she and Army specialist Vincent Pomante and Capt. Travis Patriquin will all be missed. Michelle Malkin shares about Patriquin, here.

Her parents thoughts are moving, and changed one columnist's outlook on Megan's death:

But I am in serious reassessment mode after reading comments in The Times from her parents, who live on Whidbey Island in Washington. "Please don't portray this as a tragedy," her mother, Re McClung, said. "It is for us, but Megan died doing what she believed in, and that's a great gift…. She believed in the mission there — that the Iraqi people should have freedom."...

I phoned Mike and Re McClung late Wednesday to ask if they wanted to add anything. "I'm glad that made you rethink things," Re McClung says, referring to her earlier comments in the paper. "It makes me feel very good."...

The McClungs believe their immediate sorrow will in time be eased by recalling their daughter's selfless desire to help the Iraqi people. "How much more nobly could she die?" Re McClung says. "If you have to lose a child or brother or sister or mother or father to death, how could you wish it to be any other way than doing what they believed in and loved the most when they died?"