Uplifting Ad Watch '06: Mark Kennedy's All in the Family

Posted: Oct 19, 2006 4:07 PM

Kennedy and Dem opponent Amy Klobuchar bumped heads over prescription drugs and the war in Iraq in their most recent debate.

Oh, and Klobuchar claims Kennedy is scaring her mom with negative campaiging, which is interesting. I've never heard the "whatchoo say about my momma?" campaign strategy. Behold:

Klobuchar said Kennedy's most recent television ad lodges a "made-up attack" about her position on prescription drugs. She decided to address the issue directly, she said, because Kennedy's ad "scared my mom."...

The Democrat brought together more than a dozen seniors Monday, including her own elderly mother, to denounce Kennedy's latest television ad.

This is the ad in question, which doesn't seem that scary.

But here's our fun ad for today:

Kennedy is down 15 in the poll average, but it's brought down a bit by the notoriously inaccurate--always in favor of Dems, strangely-- Star-Trib poll. Still, leaning Dem.

Watch the race at Kennedy v. Machine. I really like Kennedy. Very likeable and genuine, much like Bouchard in Michigan. I'd love to see them both in the Senate.

Bonus equal-time link. I don't agree with the message, but this Dem ad is pretty hilarious (and short. Don't worry).