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Raj Crosses the Border on an Elphant, With a Mariachi Band. Welcome to America!

Oh, I do love a fun candidate.

Yes, it's a publicity stunt. Yes, it will work. Yes, in fact, it's working right this very minute.

Why? Because it's illustrative. Sadly. 


Illustrative with a bow-tie and an elephant? Yeah, that'll get you linked.

Thanks to the Real Ugly American for the tip.

Raj is running for Congress in the Pennsylvania 13th against first-term incumbent Allyson Schwartz. I interviewed him, here.

“Only in America, can a family as diverse as mine, completely foreign background…become successful, and say not even a generation later that I’m a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress." 

Only in American can a son of immigrants, not even one generation later, proudly ride a pachyderm across our Southern border and grab the attention of 18 major news outlets without grabbing the attention of the border patrol. Great country, this. Yikes, I wonder how long it'll stay that way.

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