Steele Campaign: Is Grief Invasion the New Direct Mail?

Posted: Oct 04, 2006 7:31 PM

Michael Steele sent a strongly worded letter to the Cardin campaign for pulling this stunt.

While speaking with two mothers whose sons had died in Iraq, I noticed the ever present Democrat operative filming our conversation. A conversation with parents who have lost a loved one in combat is private in nature and has no place in partisan politics, and certainly not in the smear campaign you have waged against me even before I entered the race for United States Senate. The filming of this conversation demonstrates a callous disregard for families who have lost a loved one and is an indefensible invasion of privacy...

And, Senator Schumer, your staffers pled guilty to a crime when they stole my credit report and violated my privacy and that of my family, but I have had no apology from you either.

I didn't realize he never got an apology for the credit report thing. Classy, Schumer.

You can still give to the Steele campaign through Rightroots, right here.

In other Rightroots-candidate news, Diana Irey is only 10 points down in her race to topple Murtha.

And, Murtha's got a scandal brewing.

Twenty-six years ago, Murtha was caught on tape in a sting operation expressing willingness to accept bribes from men he thought were representatives of Arab sheiks, as long as they were willing to invest in his district. He never actually accepted any money. He was never indicted, partly because he testified against colleagues. Video and full details, here.

So, you can give to Irey, too.

Need reaons to give to Republicans (don't well all need a little encouraging?)? Karol's got 'em.

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