Oink: Already Evading the Earmark Rule

Posted: Sep 29, 2006 10:34 AM

Last week, the House adopted a rule that every Member would need to claim their earmarks. Not everyone was into the spirit of the law.

...a bill was debated on last night under suspension of the rules; therefore the new earmark reform rule technically didn't apply. Congressman David Oberstar (who went 0-for-19 on the Flake amendments) used that opportunity to insert some pork into the bill without claiming it as his own.

Yesterday, before debate on the bill started, the earmark was found and the author of it was subsequently identified as Oberstar. This was then brought to the attention of Majority Leader Boehner. To his credit, I'm told that Boehner asked Oberstar to go to the House floor to explain the situation.

Club for Growth has video of Congressman Flake calling Oberstar on his earmark and making him explain it. Well done. Stay on your toes, folks. These guys will not let go of pork without a fight.