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Mad About Dem Censorship Try? Do Something About It.

Graphic via Seixon

So, this whole Dem censorship thing has got me riled.

Wanna do something about it?

WhereAreMyKeys and Confederate Yankee suggest getting in touch with ABC.


I noticed this morning that Debbie Stabenow was on the letter sent by Dems to ABC, so I thought I'd throw in for Mike Bouchard, her opponent for Senate in Michigan, who some are saying could pull off the upset.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What are you watching out there in terms of what might be a fun race to watch in terms of an upset…
* * *
CHUCK TODD: I's Michigan, I think Michigan that would be my Republican upset. . .
MATTHEWS: Governor beats. . .
TODD: . . .Not the governor, but Stabenow. Beat Stabenow get an upset. That that would be a big upset. She’s…
MATHEWS: Because the economy out there?
TODD: The economy, Michigan’s sort of an upside down state. If this is a change election, and they want change, Michigan is a state that - that needs change.

Then, I noticed New Jersey Senate candidate Tom Keane is catching flack today because his father, a former N.J. governor advised on "Path to 9/11."

So, I ponied up for him, too.

Update: Ace points out that the N.J. race is looking more and more like a pick-up due to some good, old-fashioned, Garden State corruption.

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