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New Dem Slogan: Conspiracy Theorists for Congress

Rusty has this lovely story. I give you the Dems' nominee for Florida's 15th Congressional District:

And do you want to know how I found out that Bowman had won? I was monitoring a "moderate" Muslim message board in the UK. These "moderates" were ecstatic that Bowman had won. I'm not kidding, you don't get more mainstream than these guys.

UPDATE: Video of Bowman. Says: "The official 9/11 story is impossible...prove that high levels of our government don't want us to know what happened and who was repsonsible." Hmm, maybe it was the Mossad? No?


Update: Allah loves the Truthers! Wow, he's really on top of that stuff. Almost too well-informed, if you ask me. But I'm just "airing" that, mind you.

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