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MSM on Race: Segregation Leads to <em>Diversity</em>, You See?

Lemme get this straight.

Sen. George Allen's use of the debatably racially insensitive (though definitely mean), obscure word "macaca," in reference to an opponent's aide makes him the "Un-American Senator" who "disgraced himself," warranted wall-to-wall coverage in the Washington Post, and ominous references to "George Allen's America."


"Survivor's" segregation of its competitive tribes into Black Tribe, White Tribe, Asian Tribe, Hispanic Tribe, on the other hand?

Another layer of the "social experiment," a "twist," "controversial," "hot-button," and a "race among the races" (oh, how cute! Racial word-play!). 

Why are they going so easy on Woolworth's Lunch Counter, The Show?

Probst said he and the "Survivor" producers wanted to bring more ethnic diversity to the competition.

"The truth is 80 percent of the people that apply are white," he said. "And television, in general, is white. So all these criticisms were valid."

Ahh, I see. Segregation is the path to diversity. Yep, that's what the South was planning the whole time. Very progressive, it was.

I look forward to hearing the TV critics on this. Segregation (bad) in the service of diversity (the ultimate good). Do the ends justify the means?

Michelle jumps on this, too. 

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