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My Internet TV/V-Blogging/Thingie Debut Over at HotAir Today

I took my first shot at video-blogging today. I'm filling in for Michelle Malkin on VENT for a couple days while she's on vacation.

I'm off to a meeting, so blogging will be slow for a bit, but go watch me over at Hot Air, if you get the chance.


But remember I'm a first-time v-blogger, so take it easy on me. Hope y'all enjoy!

Update: If you're wondering about the Jackie Passey reference, here are two links to check out, here and here. Watch for some language behind both links.

On a related note, I covered a subject from the video-blog in my column today: So, You Think Social Conservatives Can't Dance? 

Reality TV gives a pair of Mormon cousins a shot with the audience they wouldn’t have had had a screen-writer scripted their characters as the predictable, close-minded rubes the entertainment industry often makes religious Americans into. It gives evangelical Gospel singers a chance to simultaneously praise Jesus for their success and form close friendships with their many-hued, many-faithed fellow contestants. From a story on “So You Think You Can Dance”:

Schwimmer says being on the show has allowed him to "erase a lot of stigmas about Mormons. I'm not really normal, but I've been able to show people that we Mormons as a whole are pretty normal people who do love to dance."

And, America loves it.

Reality TV isn’t real life, of course, but it sometimes allows its contestants to be real in a very refreshing way. Keep it in mind the next time you settle in to be entertained by a group of real Americans. The country has much talent to offer, from all walks of life, and I highly recommend it, even for your kids.



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