WaPo on 'Fauxtography'

Posted: Aug 09, 2006 11:05 AM

Charles Johnson gets the spotlight in the Post today. (Has the Post covered this yet or are they just this late to the story? It's WEDNESDAY. This started Saturday night.)

I like this part (Hooper is a CAIR spokesperson):

Hooper says the Reuters incident is unfortunate in itself, but says such sites as Little Green Footballs use such lapses "as a club against the entire mainstream media. Their line is basically that if one freelance photographer alters a photo, then everything Israel does must be justified. Or if one of the sentences that Dan Rather once uttered wasn't correct, then the media is corrupt and Dan Rather's whole career is rotten to the core."

No, we use one doctored image to suggest that all images from the MSM should perhaps be met with more skepticism. Reuters has already admitted as much themselves by changing the editing process by which photos make it onto the wire.

We use one sentence from Dan Rather (or, an entire, falsified, primetime report timed to change the course of a Presidential election, but that's just semantics, right?) to suggest that perhaps many more reports from the MSM should be met with much more skepticism.

The lesson bloggers learned from Rathergate is one Reuters could have learned too, if they'd been paying attention. If they had, there might not have been a Reutersgate.

The FBI, according to Hooper, recently investigated several threats of physical harm against Muslims posted by Little Green Footballs readers.

Johnson acknowledges the investigation but says Hooper's organization initiated the complaints to try to stifle free speech on his blog. And Johnson names the Council on American-Islamic Relations as one of the groups he's referring to when he talks about the undue influence of Arab-funded organizations on American society and the media.

"I'm not pretending I'm giving equal time to both sides," Johnson says. "But I do think what I'm advocating, and what I believe in, is the right side."

Always like to see Johnson take on CAIR.