Primary Day: Stay on Top of Things With All the Blogs You Need

Posted: Aug 08, 2006 9:05 AM

Yesterday, I told you which primary races to watch today.

That's a basic run-down on the situation in Connecticut, Georgia's 4th District (Democratic incumbent McKinney may pack it up), and Michigan's 7th (Republican incumbent Schwarz may go home).

Real Clear Politics has a similar Primary Day Primer.

Now, here's where to watch them on the Web:

Connecticut: Lamont/Lieberman

  • The hyper-bloggers at The Corner will undoubtedly be on developments all day.
  • Pretty much everyone is opining on this race, so pick a blog, any blog.
  • In other news, Joe's campaign website was hacked last night, and is still unavailable. Classy.

GA-4: McKinney/Johnson
MI-7: Schwarz/Walberg
  • The Adrian Insider is on the race, and notes that the campaign has taken an unconventional turn...onto MySpace.
CO-7: Perlmutter/Lamm

And, there's the Sixers blog at NRO for all the races. H/t Michelle.

Also, I don't know how I forgot Hotline On Call.