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Joementumizathon: The CT Update

Lieberman says his site was hacked.

Brendan Loy says it's looks like a DOS attack.

FireDogLake says it's a Lieber-smear.

Lamont offers the official denial.


OTB has Lieberman's campaign manager on the Web problems, and says it's a "hell of a bluff" if the accusations are false, as Kos and FireDogLake claim they are. Here's a statement from Lieberman's Internet consultant:

And he says that the site has been “fatally compromised” by an unknown hacker. In addition, all email addresses with the domain are down too; the attack, Geary says, has “disrupted the entire campaign.”

Geary, who developed and oversees Lieberman’s site, (and says that the campaign has paid their account in full), said that an attack starting mid-morning yesterday had “red-lined” the server. “We can’t even get the site up,” he said. “We even tried putting up a single, blank page. It red-lined the entire network. This guy’s got our number.”

Geary said that they believed it to be a “denial of service” attack, meaning there are so many queries to the network that it becomes unstable. He did not have any information as to the source of the attack or any idea about the identity of the hacker. “We’re just fighting to get something live,” he said, “we’re not security experts.” He also said that it would be up to the campaign as to whether they would refer the case to the FBI.

Betsy Newmark warns against taking the polls too seriously:

He also points out that since it's August, people, particularly wealthy people (Lamont's strongest support group) may well be on vacation. Who knows if they will cast absentee ballots. And college kids are home. That might make it easier for them to vote but who really knows what they'll do. So, the upshot is that anything could happen tomorrow. That's why politics can be a great spectator sport.


In the meantime, Hotline charts just how well the Nedrenaline and the Joementum are turning people. At about a rate of 35 percent, it seems:

Democratic primary voter turnout was varying between 20%-25% by 1pm in communities around Connecticut. Towns with a direct interest in the primaries, with ties one of the candidates or an ethnic affinity, were at the upper end. Local election officials expect a final burst of voters to appear between 4:30 and 6 p.m. Most of Connecticut’s 169 municipalities will not, at the current rate, reach a turnout of more than 35%.

Hartford Courant blogger Colin McEnroe is hearing that independents are getting cold feet and "coming home" to the guy they know.

Jim Addison predicts a narrow Lieberman victory.

Karol sees a win in Lieberman's future, and is soliciting predictions in her comments.

Eh, I'm gonna go with 52-48, Lamont. Just for fun.


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