Speaking Up for Israel

Posted: Aug 03, 2006 5:46 PM
IsraellyCool is liveblogging the Hezbollah/Israel conflict in GREAT detail, but one of my friends from the Cotillion caught this detail:

9:48PM: Who's the man? Gillerman! Reader Zack writes:
Writing as an American Jew who works on Capitol Hill, I can say Dan Gillerman is far and away Israel's best advocate in the West. Just now on CNN, Kyra Phillips did an execrable job of setting up an interview of Gillerman, she showed footage of Lebanese civilian deaths and wailing mothers and sternly said something to the effect of, "how do you explain why there are 600 Lebanese civilian dead and only 20 Israeli dead?"

Gillerman responded sarcastically (this is a paraphrase) "I want to first apologize that more innocent Israelis have not been murdered."