So Cool You Might Just Burn Yourself

Posted: Jun 02, 2006 12:56 PM

The Media Blog tackles the press' take on today's jobs report, which indicates 75,000 new jobs in May.

Because it was fewer than predicted, the press is all a-vapor about the slowing, trudging, teetering, doomed economy.

Stephen Spruiell says:

It is likely that the economy will not repeat last quarter's astonishing growth — how long can 5.3 percent expansion be sustained? But looking at the press coverage of today's jobs report, one would be forgiven for thinking that by August, the most difficult decision facing average Americans will be whether to eat Whiskas and Friskies. We're at near-full employment. Is this a problem of unrealistic expectations, or is there some other agenda driving this relentlessly downbeat coverage?