The Evening Show on the Floor of the House

Posted: May 23, 2006 2:44 PM

Jeff Flake is planning this, which ought to be fun to see.

He wants to ask a few questions about a few earmarks:

Where is the federal connection?

Was it authorized?

Who sponsored it?

Is it a sole source contract?

Does the sponsor have ties to beneficiaries of the earmark?

Flake's statement on his goals is great. Read the whole thing.

Americans for Prosperity has some of the specific earmarks Flake is addressing:

Appalachian Horticulture Research (Poplarville, MS) $874,244 The research is at Univ. of TN and Tenn. State Univ. and its goal is enable rapid deployment of new products to the marketplace.

National Grape and Wine Initiative (Davis, CA) $100,000 above FY06 enacted

This program is to support and enhance the public health through improved understanding of the nutritional benefits to be derived from grapes and grape products.

Greenhouse Nurseries (Maumee Valley, OH) $726,000

This program would provide for greenhouse nurseries to develop a marketing plan to showcase this industry, which has branded itself the "Maumee Valley Growers."

People are gonna get ill tonight.